Projects We Have Worked On

Pumpkin Jack

Nicolas, solo developer of Pumpkin Jack, was looking for marketing guidance and project funding for his first ambitious IP called Pumpkin Jack. We incorporated Pumpkin Jack into our portfolio and reached out to several internal video game publishers.


Within 6 weeks, a publishing deal was signed with Headup Games. Nicolas could work full-time on the game. Pumpkin Jack launched successfully on Oct. 23rd 2020 selling a whopping number of copies across all platforms making Pumpkin Jack a success!



Chrono Sword

21C. Ducks was launching a Kickstarter for their upcoming souls-like action adventure Chrono Sword and needed some marketing assistance to really draw in as many backers as possible. 



We helped 21c. Ducks with the optimization of their Kickstarter page, set up a social media campaign and provided overall coaching and guidance. Thanks to our mutual efforts, we were able to raise over $70k!




Jon Keller, solo developer of Arclands was looking for funding to finance his first IP Arclands. Jon was not looking for a publishing deal but wanted to raise money through Kickstarter. 

We assisted Jon with the setup and execution of the Kickstarter along with a social media push and overall coaching and guidance. We crushed the goal of $40k with a whopping $46k collected by over 1.9k backers!